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With decades of experience working with travel and leisure industry brands like Qantas and Harley-Davidson our leadership team have blended an impressive skill set.  Multilingual and well travelled; we welcome a diverse clientèle and are adept at working with many different cultures.  Backgrounds with staff training for time and operations management as well as business operations and finance give us a powerful foundation for success.  Working to secure ISO certification for Harley-Davidson Motor Company instilled a clear sense of the necessity for consistency in processes and procedures.  Coupling our vast experience in delivering customer service with having been global customers of some of the worlds most famous brands, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way.


The most important characteristics of the leadership team is their track record of success working together in a cohesive group


That history of success is based on hiring passionate people who possess both the requisite technical skill and the all important interpersonal traits. We employ people of integrity who consistently show respect for others, seek to understand before being understood, understand and value the customer’s (and other staff member’s) time, perspectives, and sense of self worth. We hire the right people and let them do their jobs.


The leadership team and chosen staff are those who approach our business from the perspective of, “Yes!” we can… Understanding that philosophy, exceeding customer expectations and problem solving, is the foundation for creating fierce customer loyalty.


Discover Australia on a Harley-DavidsonGetting It Done


Our management team’s unique history and blend of experience enables us to confidently manage all operational aspects of the business and engineer a customer experience second to none. With a proven track record of bringing new customers into the world of motorcycling in fun new ways we’re excited at the prospect of applying our skills to the adventure tourism business.


Our focus is not on satisfying customers. Rather we focus on building fiercely loyal customers who, after experiencing our offerings, will never even consider using another provider. This is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy, we’re determined to get it right the first time and believe it’s imperative to get it right every time.


Simply the bestOur national chain of affiliates allows us to approach the business from a national perspective rather than a local one. This gives us a breadth of product offering possibilities, and a support network for our customers, which is far beyond the reach of existing motorcycle rental and tours companies in Australia.


That combined with substantial barriers to competitive entry to this market gives us a set of advantages over our competition that will be most difficult, if not impossible, for them to overcome.

William Keith - CEO

Business Operations, Fleet Management, Logistics and Dealer Development


We ride. We know our customers because we are our customers. We know we’re not selling a product. We’re delivering an experience, we’re making stories for our patrons to tell their mates, we’re living the dream. You can’t buy fun, an experience or a dream and take it home in a box. But you can rent them!


We rent dreams...  That is an awesome responsibility.


It is our obsession with being exceptional that turn our customers into disciples every day!

Graham Brown - Chairman


Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Staffing, Legal and Compliance


We are truly passionate about everything we do everyday. It is that passion that drives our success and makes us, our customers, and our staff believe we can live our dreams. I am inspired by those who dare to make a life choice, with the unknown ahead, to leave behind comfort and to risk all to realize their dreams. They don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown their inner voice. Your time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Do what you love and love what you do.

Santina Keith - Director


Marketing, Brand Management, Industry Relations, Retail Operations


We are what you want us to be. A weekend quickie. A holiday so different from your everyday life. The summer you dreamed of since you first saw Australia on the Discovery Channel. The ability to unplug, reconnect with the earth, awaken your senses and relax your mind.


Go alone, with a friend or with a group of like minded adventurers. City, coast, desert or mountains, Australia has so much to offer and the only way to really experience it; to smell it, absorb it, embrace it and appreciate it is on a motorcycle.


Cuz sometimes you just need to blow the stink off.






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